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Welcome to Mybarnes Limited

Boosting Agriculture – Our Pride.

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Hotline: +233 506 102 525

Our Core Values


Honesty in all our dealings (with ourselves, clients and others)


Provide complete, accurate and timely communications with all parties with whom it conducts business.


We learn and improve relentlessly, striving to gain knowledge and experience. We expect high quality of work output from each and everyone. We deploy data to monitor progress, declare success and detect problems.


We keep to our timelines and are time conscious in all aspects of our work and deliver as promised


We are ambitious and our goals are big and audacious. Impossibility is not part of our watch word and we look to be part of a greater goal. We are passionate, proud and work with excitement

Our Products

Our products are tailored  for your growth

Boosting Agriculture – Our Pride

Your preferable source of affordable source of crop nutrition for Ghanaian farmers while ensuring that every farmer develops the capacity to access his basic crop nutrition requirement




We help farmers increase their yields.

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